Dear Church,

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, we had no idea how long it would last. It has now been eight weeks since we stopped having corporate gatherings. Many of us never thought we would see that, however what we have seen is God’s grace during this. The message of Jesus has gone out like never before in ways we would have never expected it through various platforms. Through this, the church has been forced, in a good way, to become innovative in staying connected and in caring for and ministering to people with technology. That is exciting!
That said, many are asking what church life will look like on the other side of this crisis. When will we gather again, what precautions will we take, will it feel normal? Every leader in the Christian world is asking the same questions, and the answers seem to change day by day, and week by week. We have had short term and long term plans from the beginning but have been flexible to be ready to change as things change.

Our teams are planning a May 31 return to church campuses.

Several things I know:

•Not everyone will feel comfortable coming to church, and that’s okay.

•We will still have an online service available as we have through this entire pandemic.

•We will have a system of reservation whereby you can let the church know how many people will be in your party and which service and campus you will attend.

•Children’s services will be required to pre-register and will close at capacity.

•This will all be fulfilled at

•We will take every precaution with sanitation.

•We will do our best to follow social distancing protocols.
I know there will be many questions, as well as praise and critiques. Just know that there is no truly perfect way to check everyone’s expectation box, but we are moving forward with the best wisdom and care we can.

We love you all very much,

Pastors Stephen & Tandra Warnock.