Makers Camp is a four day arts intensive, June 12-15, for kids 4-12 years old. We want to help them identify their passions and put purpose to it!


Musicians – Vocalist – Artists

We believe whole heartedly that if we can change the next generation, we can change the world when we make our ceiling their platform. We feel burdened to call out the gifts and passions of the next generation, cultivate them and help them create something bigger than themselves. We believe there is a culture waiting to be cultivated, imagination waiting to be redeemed, and innocence waiting to be restored within and through our young people.

Covenant Arts Academy exists to help identify your creative passion, and put purpose to it.


Empowering the next generation to seek and pursue where their gifts meet their purpose.


Call forth the gifts and passions of the next generation

Cultivate craft and community

We endeavor to bring the next generation to a place where they can create and serve others with their gifts.

Teachers, coaches, and performers, if you are interested in being a part of the Covenant Arts Camp this coming Summer 2018, we invite you to register below to connect and receive more information. We want to link arms with other creatives who share the same character, vision, and values that we do and would love to meet you.

Covenant Arts Camp Interest Form