Paul Klewer

Singles Pastor

Pattie Klewer

Thrive Singles

Everyone desires relationships, in fact at the core of our being we were designed to have relationships. Thrive is a place where you can connect and build relationships that last…that build you up…..that build others up.

Singles of all ages have found greater purpose and happiness while seeking God’s direction for their lives. Connect with relationships that have purpose…connect at Thrive.

Friday dinner served anytime between 6:30 – 7:00pm, followed by great worship and a relevant message. After the message, connect through friendships, games, frappuccino, etc. There are activities for kids of all ages!

No greater word can describe the heart of the Singles Ministry at NCC better than the word “Family”. For many singles in our culture, the family unit has been torn apart through divorce or death. This is a safe place for rebuilding and becoming a part of a growing, vibrant, healthy family.

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