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Groups start September 10th!

FALL SEMESTER – September 10 – November 18

New Covenant Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to help people connect, grow, and enjoy life together! We know life can be challenging sometimes, but we weren’t meant to do life alone. Living life through community is part of how God made us, many times we have trouble forming these relationships and that’s why Life Groups exist. In groups you can find meaningful relationships based around interests or life stage.

We encourage you to take what you like to do in life and do it with others!
Start a group based on your interest, passions, needs or relationships.

From sports groups to freedom groups, from mom’s groups to men’s groups,
from study/discussion groups to range shooting groups…there’s a group for you!

Fall Semester Starts September 10th!

Life Group Directories are searchable beginning August 27th

Start A Life Group

Leading a life group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to connect. Leading or hosting a group is easy, fill out the application, share what your interests are, allow others to join you in your interests! We will train you at our Life Group Leader training and give you the necessary tools to easily lead your group. Life change happens by moving one step forward toward Christ one semester at a time. As a life group leader you get the privilege and joy of helping people reach that goal!

Click “Start A Group” to get your new group application started today!


August 20
Rm 116 Longview Campus

August 27
Rm 116 Longview Campus


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