DeAndria Lawson

Next Gen Admin

Covenant 56 is a ministry of NCC whose mission is to provide fifth and sixth graders with exciting activities, worship, and relevant biblical teaching that reaches them at their level, in a positive, youth-like atmosphere, and helps provide a smooth transition out of Covenant Kids into Covenant Students.

Utilizing materials from Life.Church, the ministry that created the YouVersion system, our fifth and sixth graders will experience incredible ministry specifically designed for their ages and understanding, in the context of an atmosphere that is exciting and relevant. Teens who are a part of Covenant Students, along with key adult leaders, facilitate each service.

C56 meets each Sunday during the 9:30 am service at each campus

As a reminder: When you sign up your student at the Check In Kiosk, you will be given a parent tag with a code that matches your student’s name tag. The only person who may pick up your student is the person who holds this parent tag. If your student should need you during the service, the parent tag code will appear on the screens in the Main Auditorium or in the foyer.

The purpose of this setup is to create the smoothest possible transition from the Covenant Kids Ministry to the Covenant Student Ministry, but also to make sure each student is comfortable and feels confident in each service. We believe the partnership of both ministries to facilitate C56 is a great way to meet the needs of the fifth and sixth grade students within our body.