Explore volunteer opportunities here at NCC!

If you have not attended Discover New Covenant and would like to begin serving at New Covenant Church, visit our Discover New Covenant page and register for the class.

First Serve opportunities are the fastest way to begin serving. Other serveTeam Opportunities require membership as well as a few other requirements to begin.

First Serve Opportunities

Event Ministry – This could be a one time serve opportunity, or a regular position. As a part of the Event Ministry team you will help set up for events, manage hospitality, decorate, greet etc.

Greeting Team – The purpose of the greeting team is to greet everyone who comes on to the NCC campus with a cheerful smile and warm handshake. Our purpose is to prepare the hearts of people by welcoming them to join us and be a part of our family.

Hospitality Team – The hospitality team is there to set up and greet all visitors coming to the guest reception after the service. This team’s goal is to make our guests feel like they are welcome, loved and valued.

Parking Lot – The parking lot team is there to welcome, direct and help people get from the parking lot to the building. They are there to help prevent chaos while warmly welcoming our members and guests.

Tech Arts – The Tech Arts ministry at NCC provides a variety of opportunities to anyone interested in the technical side of our services and events. Whether it is adjusting faders as a sound tech, running lights on Sunday morning, keeping the text moving on the screens, and in the near future, running and producing a video podcast with our video recording system, the Tech Arts ministry is what makes the media side of church happen each week! Each tech is trained in their area of interest. No experience is necessary!

Ushers – The usher team helps people find a seat as well as helps facilitate offering during our service. Ushers many times are just there to help in any way possible.

Welcome Center – The welcome center team is there to welcome people as well as sell CD’s, books and just be there for general questions before and after services. This team is here to provide people with excellent service while greeting them with a warm smile.

First Serve Application

First Serve Opportunities

Other serveTEAM Opportunities

Children’s Check-In – The children’s check in team is a part of getting people registered and into class. This team’s goal is to greet, help and serve the parents in any way possible. This team also uses our Fellowship One Check In system through touch screens or kiosks.

Covenant Kids Team Member –  The Kids Church Team is made up of several positions varying from service MC to team leader, or even sound or lighting. This team works together to create a fun, creative learning environment where our kids can experience the presence of God.

Pre-School Team Member – The Pre-School Team is made up of several positions varying from nursery to 5 year olds. This team works together to create a fun, creative learning environment where our kids can experience the presence of God.

Safety Team – The safety team’s main goal is to work along side the usher team to ensure we have a safe campus free from risk and threats. This position requires some training.

Volunteer Management – The volunteer management team is responsible for helping set up and tear down our volunteer central appreciation room each Sunday. This team also acts as an HR team for our volunteers to help ensure they feel taken care of and appreciated.

Worship Ministry – The worship ministry team includes vocalists and musicians who have a heart to worship and serve God with their talents. This team serves in various ministries at NCC and various services throughout the week.

Covenant 56 – C56 is a ministry that serves our 5th and 6th graders and meets on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am, and on Wednesday Nights during our class semesters at 7 pm in the Gym. C56 volunteers hang out with students, help them engage in the service, and help lead Loop Groups (in session small groups).

Other Serve Team Opportunities

Other Serve Team Opportunities