InFellowship is a tool here at NCC that allows you to find groups, manage your personal information, give online and have access to your giving records.

Join the community of other NCC attendees using InFellowship, our online database. It’s simple: Click HERE to access your existing account or Sign Up for a new account. Household members cannot share an account, you must set up an account for yourself so you can manage your information.

Once logged in you can:

  • Update your personal profile (add photo, contact info, social networks)
  • Access groups
  • Set up online giving
  • Manage privacy settings

For more information about how to use InFellowship, watch the instructional video below.

** Please note that if you create an account and your information does not show up immediately, please allow 2-3 business days for us to connec the account you created to your existing account.